PhD research is a central component of the SDC group’s overall research agenda. SDC research currently includes the following PhD projects:

  1. Aberese, Aberese
    Frontline health worker motivation, morale and attitude on quality of maternal and child health service provision
  2. Akiboye, Akin
    Rural resettlements in post-apartheid South-Africa
  3. Ange, Olivia
    Cultural and Bio-diversity Protection through heritage policies. Andean potatoes’ regimes of value in protected areas and beyond
  4. Bashwira, Rose
    Gender and mining reforms in eastern DRC
  5. Cháves, Martha
    From visions to realities: The eco-village movement in Colombia
  6. Chenier, Jacqueline
    Technified peasant production as an alternative for achieving food sovereignty: The case of staple grain, panela and casabe production in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti and Colombia as a strategy for peasant reassertion
  7. Chikulo, Shiela
    Fresh fruit and vegetable marketing in Zimbabwe: Fast track land reform and new markets
  8. Conteh, Ibrahim
    Education in flood-affected Mozambique
  9. Djindil, Nakar
    Food insecurity and vulnerability: The long-term effects of ecological and political stress in the Sahel. The case of the Guera in Central Chad
  10. Draper, Malcom
    The soul of the soil
  11. Engel, Karen
    The role of disaster culture in Chili
  12. Gbehi, Clément
    The social organization of farm innovation: Knowledge systems, commoditization and research networks in Benin
  13. Geerling, Hilde
    Household vulnerability and the Productive Safety Net Programme in northern Ethiopia
  14. Ghimire, Luna K.C.
    Gender relations and post-conflict reconstruction in Nepal
  15. Goldfarb, Lucia
    Soy expansion and social conflict in Argentina
  16. Justin, Peter
    Armed conflict induced displacement and land governance in Yie county, South-Sudan
  17. Kingma, Koos
    Pathways of rural change. Interplay of livelihoods, gender and policies during the last 25 years in Lubaga, Tanzania
  18. Kobusingye, Doreen
    Embedding land conflict: Decentralized land governance and conflict transformation in Northern Uganda
  19. Koduah, Augustina
    Health policy and communication networks in Ghana’s health service
  20. Kronenburg, Angela
    Co-management of the Naimina Enkiyio forest in Loita Maasai, Kenya: Conflicts, outside intervention and local dynamics of change and continuity
  21. Kwami, Aku
    Emerging in the middle: Continuous quality improvements for managerial decision-making in maternal and child health policy implementation in Ghana
  22. Lubilo, Rodgers
    The problem of community in CBNRM, Caprivi, Namibia
  23. Man, Rens de
    Effectiveness of the millennium development goals towards food security: Assessing the interplay between institutions
  24. Medard, Modesta
    The transformation of Lake Victoria’s fisheries landscape
  25. Méndez, Raquel
    Large scale resource extraction and the violation of women’s and children’s rights in Santander, Colombia
  26. Morales, Carlos
    Networks around risk management in Central America
  27. Musalem, Nasim
    Colour Green for Dollars. Bottlenecks for the establishment of commercial initiatives for Chamaedorea palm fronds in Veracruz, Mexico
  28. Mutahara, Mahmuda
    Multi-stakeholder mapping processes in Tidal Flood Management in coastal Bangladesh
  29. Ndiame, Fadel
    Agrarian Change and the peasantry in the Casamance, Senegal
  30. Olde Heuvelt, Francine
    The role of identity construction within the organisational practices and social mobilisation of the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST)
  31. Overbeek, Fons van
    Livelihood practices within hybrid governance: Local negotiations to the threat of land scarcity in expanding urban areas of Bukavu
  32. Pauwelussen, Annet
    Realities under construction: Exploring complexity in the building of marine Protected Areas in Indonesia
  33. Peña, Clara
    Farmers’ perceptions and actual use of the fertility of Terra Preta soils in Colombia
  34. Reyes, Virgilio
    Intervention processes in Guatemala
  35. Reyna, Oscar
    Mineral conflicts and environmental issues in San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  36. Rossell, Nuria
    The abandonment of treatment in children and adolescents in El Salvador
  37. Salomao, Alda
    Negotiations around commercial investments in land in Mozambique
  38. Servín, Fidencio
    Going for the bucks: Organizational processes emerging from rural policy interventions in Zacapu, Mexico
  39. Srikandini, Annisa Gita
    Building resilient communities through disaster diplomacy: Comparing Indonesia and Myanmar
  40. Staveren, Martijn van
    The ‘greening’ of flood defense in the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Vietnam
  41. Tander, Nienke
    The different faces of standards in the cashew chain India-The Netherlands
  42. Tchtachoua, Rosine
    Shifting Legitimacies: Decentralized land governance and legal pluralism in Burundi
  43. Tumer, Nuray
    Processes of multiple identifications of Turkish migrants in The Netherlands
  44. Umans, Laurent
    International Policy Cooperation
  45. Vasconcelos, Nicolás
    Ecological support systems for small scale cattle farmers in Ecuador
  46. Vermeij, Lotte
    Socialization of child soldiers in Africa
  47. Verschuuren, Bas
    The growing cultural and spiritual significance of nature: An exploration of the role of sacred natural sites in conservation practice, management and policy
  48. Vos, Rosa de
    The politics of scale in palm oil disputes in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  49. Wegerif, Marc
    Feeding the city: the case of Dar-Es-Salaam
  50. Wood, Allan
    Local agricultural production as a potential contributor to urban food security in the Colombian Amazon
  51. Yevoo, Lucy
    The influence of clinical decision-making support networks on frontline providers decision-making in Ghana
  52. Zenteno, Cecilia
    The political and territorial significance of women organisations in Bolivia