Internship and Thesis are compulsory for Master Students of Wageningen University to fulfil the requirements for their MSc degree.

An internship is a unique opportunity to apply academic skills to practical, real life situations. Students are encouraged to make their own internship arrangements within the confines of their study programme.

You are encouraged to arrange internship opportunities independently by checking internship vacancies and sending open letters to interesting organisations. Once in a while SDC is able to provide students with an internship opportunity, these will be published on our website and dispersed via the channels of your study programme.

If you are looking for an internship or internship supervisor you are asked to get in touch with our Education Coordinator to schedule an intake. The SDC education coordinator will lay out the internship procedure and will help you to find an internship supervisor from our group.

For all official documents outlining the internship procedure, please check the OWI Reference Site