The SDC group is involved in education that provides students with a theoretical background that enables them to undertake a cutting-edge analysis of a number of development related themes. This is accompanied by a sound methodological training and exposure to empirical research. The SDC group has adopted a distinctively critical-constructive and politically engaged approach which is shared among SDC Staff.

The SDC group commits itself to build (on) its (high-quality) education activities within WUR and beyond, and further improves the already high-quality, diversity and balance of the education portfolio at BSc, MSc and PhD level. Our teaching is rooted in our own research, that is aims to (re)connect student learning with the empirical reality we live in. The SDC group teaches on a range of topics related to development studies, political ecology, anthropology of law and crisis and disaster studies.

Staff of the SDC group teach in several Wageningen BSc and MSc study programmes. Most of SDC courses and thesis supervisions are part of the BSc and MSc International Development Studies (BIN and MID). In these programmes, the SDC group participates in three ‘study tracks’: 1. Sociology of Development, 2. Disaster Studies (both part of Specialisation A within the BSc and MSc programme) and 3. Anthropology of Law (Specialisation C within the BSc and MSc Programme). The SDC group also teaches in a number of other programmes as Development and Rural Innovation (MDR), Organic Agriculture (MOA), International Land and Water Management (BIL and MIL), and Forest and Nature Conservation (BBN and MFN).

Continue to courses or visit the Study Handbook for more information on our courses.  Furthermore, the SDC group also participates in several BSc minors.

The SDC Group supervises PhDs that are part of the Wageningen School of Social Sciences. The research topics of our PhD Students are closely related to our three core research themes.