Dr. S.P. (Stasja) Koot
Lecturer & Post-doc


At Wageningen UR I am teaching and doing research. This focuses on the following related and often overlapping issues:
1. Bushmen, (eco)tourism and conservation in Southern Africa;
2. ‘Nature 2.0’: the effects of web 2.0 developments on nature conservation in Southern Africa in particular but also elsewhere;
3. Land conflicts and contestation;
4. Global environmental crises, with a special emphasis on extraction;
5. Natural resource management, the wildlife crisis and poaching;
6. Capitalism, neoliberalism and nature;
7. Belonging, indigeneity and autochthony;
8. Autoethnography.


  • Development Sociology
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Policy
  • Politics
  • Nature reserves
  • Development cooperation
  • Wildlife
  • Hertiage tourism
  • Indigenous studies




Major Awards / Achievements / Grants