Van Der Haar2

Dr. Ir. G. (Gemma) van der Haar
Assistant Professor


From a background in development sociology, I have moved into the field of conflict studies. My current work is at the crossroads of the two domains. My research interests concern social practice, governance processes and state formation in conflict and post-conflict settings. A focal point is land governance.


  • Conflict studies
  • Post-conflict and post-disaster reconstruction
  • Ethnographic research
  • Property rights
  • Local Governance and state formation
  • Interactive reserach methodology


  • Van der Haar, G., A. Heijmans, DJM Hilhorst (2013), Interactive research and the construction of knowledge in conflict-affected settings, Disasters 37 (S1): S20-S35
  • Van der Haar, G., M Heijke (2013), Conflict, governance and institutional multiplicity: Parallel governance in Kosovo and Chiapas (Mexico), in DJM Hilhorst (ed) Disaster, conflict, and society in crises: Everyday politics of crisis response, Routledge, 97-113
  • Dorothea Hilhorst, Ian Christoplos, and Gemma van der Haar (2010), Reconstruction ‘from below’: a new magic bullet or shooting from the hip?, Third World Quarterly (31) 7: 1107-1124

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