Dr. A.M.G. (Alberto) Arce
Associate Professor
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  • Sociology and Anthropology of Development
  • Regional and Agro-Food & Natural Resources Studies. Global policy
  • processes, transnational mobility of ideas, commodities and population.
  • Knowledge transformation: Livelihood, access to resources and wellbeing.



  • Umans, L. and Arce, A (2014) Fixing rural development cooperation? Not in situations involving blurring and fluidity. Journal of Rural Studies 34 (2014). – ISSN 0743-0167 – p. 337 – 344.
  • Fraser, J.; Fisher, E.; Arce, A (2014).   Reframing ‘Crisis’ in Fair Trade Coffee Production: Trajectories of Agrarian Change in Nicaragua. Journal of Agrarian Change 14 (2014)1. – ISSN 1471-0358 – p. 52 – 73.
  • Sherwood, S., Arce, A., Berti, P., Borja, R., Oyarzun, P., Bekkering, E. (2013). Tacking the new materialities; Modern food and counter-movements in Ecuador. FOOD POLICY.


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Major Awards / Achievements / Grants

  • December 2014 – December 2016: Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF. N° 627769 Topic: Manifold potatoes Biodiversity regimes of value in cross-cultural encounters (Latin America and Europe).
  • Argentina (2014 2010). PNSEPT-1129034. Mercados y Estrategias Comerciales. Programa Nacional – TERRITORIOS, ECONOMIA Y SOCIOLOGIA, Y PROSPECTIVA Y POLITICAS PUBLICAS.
  • GLAMUR (Global and Local Food Chain Assessment: a Multidimensional performance-based approach) (2013-2016). This is a EU 7th Framework Program for Research (2013-2016).


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