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Courses 2019-2020

  • SDC-10306 Law, Policy and Governance (Michiel Kohne)
  • SDC-21306 Methods, Techniques and Data Analysis for Field Research (Elisabet Rasch)
  • SDC-21804 Introduction to the Sociology of Development, Knowledge and Change M (Robert Coates
  • SDC-22306 Field Research Practical (Elisabet Rasch)
  • SDC-22806 Natural Resource Governance in a Complex World (Dik Roth)
  • SDC-23306 Law and Public Power (Michiel Kohne)
  • SDC-30306 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development (Stephanie Hobbis)
  • SDC-30806 Political Ecologies of Natural Resource Distribution (Robert Fletcher)
  • SDC-31306 Property Rights, Natural Resources and Conflict (Dik Roth)
  • SDC-32306 Anthropology and Development (Pieter de Vries)
  • SDC-32806 Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective (Stephanie Hobbis)
  • SDC-33306 Methodology for Field Research in the Social Sciences (Bram Jansen)
  • SDC-33806 Policy, Projects and Programs for Development (Pieter de Vries)
  • SDC-34306 Studying Crisis: Conflict, Disaster and the Social (Gemma van der Haar)
  • SDC-34806 Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction (Bram Jansen)
  • SDC-35306 Natural Hazards and Disasters (Jeroen Warner)
  • SDC-35806 Politics of Development: State, Property and Resistance (Han van Dijk)
  • SDC-36306 Perspectives and Themes in International Development Studies (Gerard Verschoor)
  • SDC-51306 Fieldwork in Conflict and Post-conflict Settings (Lotje de Vries)
  • SDC-51806 Food Crises: the Big Picture (Bram Jansen)
  • SDC-52306 Urban Disaster Governance and Resilience (Robert Coates)