Humanitarianism in times of Corona.

Call for MSc thesis research on humanitarian responses to Covid-19. Sociology of Development and Change of Wageningen University, in collaboration with the platform for humanitarian knowledge exchange (KUNO), seeks to explore the impact of the Covid-19 crisis for humanitarian action and crisis response. This interest has multiple angles. First, the Corona crisis impacts on running … Continue reading Humanitarianism in times of Corona.

Activism in Corona times

We are looking for students who are interested in doing research about the many (new) different forms of protest, solidarity and activism in times of corona crisis, quarantine life an physical distance. Think of protests against lockdowns, activism going online, creative forms of 1,5 meters protests etc. etc. Starting date: Yesterday, but ASAP is also ok. Supervisors: … Continue reading Activism in Corona times

Thesis vacancies on overtourism

Overtourism in Southern Africa In the last decade, the phenomenon of overtourism has received an increasing amount of attention, particularly in public media, with a strong focus on European cities. The role of tourism as a predominantly positive force for economic development has now been scrutinised more seriously due to some of its foreseen and … Continue reading Thesis vacancies on overtourism

Research internships at the International Land Coalition in collaboration with LANDac (4 options)

ILC-LANDac Collaboration on Research Internships has 3 different research internship possibilities on around land governance but on different topics and in different places: Italy, Jordan, and Trinidad and Tobago. Internship option 1:  Multi-stakeholder Platforms for Improved Land Governance: a cross-regional synthesis Land governance is a multifaced and complex, and requires the involvement of different stakeholders … Continue reading Research internships at the International Land Coalition in collaboration with LANDac (4 options)