Thesis vacancies on overtourism

Overtourism in Southern Africa In the last decade, the phenomenon of overtourism has received an increasing amount of attention, particularly in public media, with a strong focus on European cities. The role of tourism as a predominantly positive force for economic development has now been scrutinised more seriously due to some of its foreseen and … Continue reading Thesis vacancies on overtourism

Thesis possibility on sustainable agri-food systems in Mexico

Within the project Cocina Colaboratorio, we are looking for 2 thesis students. Students must have a relevant educational background (e.g. students from MDR, MOA, or MID) and must speak Spanish or willing to learn this. Fieldwork is planned in February - April. Below is the Spanish description, if you are interested and willing to learn Spanish, … Continue reading Thesis possibility on sustainable agri-food systems in Mexico

Convivial conservation explained

Convivial conservation is one of the research project of SDC. Convivial (literally: ‘living with’) conservation offers a new and integrated approach to understanding and practicing environmental conservation. It is a Whole Earth vision that responds to the major ecological, social and political-economic challenges facing people and biodiversity in the 21st century. But what does this … Continue reading Convivial conservation explained