Prof. Bram Büscher, Dr. Robert Fletcher, Dr. Pieter de Vries, and Dr. Jessica de Koning visited Massey University in New Zealand last February. In the previous years, Massey University has regularly visited Wageningen so the time had come to return the favour and organize a SDC-visit to New Zealand.

For 2 days, the Massey School of People, Environment, and Planning, led by Prof. Glenn Banks met with de SDC  staff in the impressive Tongariro National Park to talk about collaborations in research and education. This resulted in a document with concrete plans for  future research, meetings and conferences, innovative education, staff exchange and so on. Before and after the meeting, SDC also visited the Massey campuses of both Auckland and Palmerston-North to get to know the organization even better.


The visit proved to be not only very stimulating and positive, but also fun as we managed to sneak the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the programme and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand.

To be continued (hopefully)…

From left to right: Dr. Robert Fletcher, Dr. Pieter de Vries, Dr. Jessica de Koning, Prof. Glenn Banks, Prof Bram Büscher at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

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