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Internship opportunity on: Writing for practitioners on Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Culture (at short notice)

Interested in doing an internship for an European project working on disaster risk
management but don’t want to travel too far? We have an intern position available with
the WUR-led EU project on the role of culture in disaster risk management (EDUCEN) in

The internship
The main output of the project will be an e-handbook on the integration of culture into
DRR for practitioners and policy makers. During this internship your main task will be to
support the team in the development of this handbook. You will contribute on a relevant
topic of choice, or one of the following: risk perceptions, risk communication, the role of
social media, specific interest groups (e.g. migrants, refugees, homeless), religion or the
role of culture in creating/reducing vulnerability and resilience.

There is scope for your own interests and background in the work that you will do. Next
to that we may ask you to also help out on the organization of ‘webinars’ and meetings
related to the handbooks domain. This internship offers you the opportunity to work on
the interface of theory and practice, to work in an enthusiast interdisciplinary team and
to contribute to an internationally used handbook.

We expect:

  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Ability to translate scientific information and ‘stories of the road’ to practical output
  • Flexibility and ability to take initiative and work independently
  • A sense of humour
  • Good communication, organizational and networking skills
  • Affinity with interdisciplinary work

EDUCEN is a consortium consisting of European city partners and expert institutions that
focus on the role of culture in disaster risk reduction strategies. The cities all face
disaster related risks and are trying to reduce these risks by acknowledging and using
their specific cultural characteristics. In this context culture is regarded as a key source
of resilience from the people.

The intern position is open at short notice for at least 4 months, preferably starting in

Interested? For further information and application, please contact Lieke van der
PDF here